Vaper Spotlight: Peter

Vaper Spotlight PeterToday I sat down with one of our customers in our Northbrook Vape Shop. Peter Nucci from Winnetka, Illinois has been coming in for quite a while. He’s really into chess and comes in a lot during the weekends to play with some of the guys who work in the shop. Mike, one of the lounge reps set up a table with a chessboard so it’s ready whenever someone wants to play. Continue reading

New vaping research study says “ecigs are magnitudes safer”

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Research findings from a new vaping study were just published in the Addiction Journal. Researchers from the Queen Mary University in London conclude that ecigs are far less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes. The conclusion is based on over 80 studies that they looked at. Their review is titled Electronic cigarettes: review of use, content, safety, effects on smokers and potential for harm and benefit.

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How to choose a cartomizer for your ecig

How to choose a cartomizerWhat cartomizer fits my battery? Can I use a Smileomizer with a Vapor King battery? Does a tank fit my eGo? Do these questions sound familiar? People new to vaping, or even people who have been vaping for months or years can have a lot of questions when it comes to using refillables. That’s OK because the vaping world is huge and there are lots of gadgets to choose from! This guide will help you figure out what carto fits which vaping battery.

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Vaper Spotlight: Gabby and Jordan

Today we’re featuring a couple customers who I met in our Northbrook vape shop. Gabby loves coming in frequently to hang out and meet other vapers. She was picking up some vaping juice and brought her friend Jordan to try some flavors. I sat down with them to┬áhear about their experiences with vaping. Continue reading

CASAA and the FDA’s proposed ecig regulations

FDA commentsIn April 2014, the FDA proposed regulations that would extend the agency’s tobacco authority to cover additional tobacco products including ecigs. These proposed restrictions would hurt the vaping industry by eliminating diversity in the market, and the consumers’ ability to customize their ecigs.

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Summer vaping tips

Summer vapingIt’s summer and time to enjoy the sun, sand, beach, watermelon, and street fests! What could be better than relaxing outside, soaking up the sun and vaping? Not much! We want you to keep on vapin’ during these gorgeous months, and have fun this summer. Here are a few things you should keep in mind during this time of year.

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How to help a friend switch to vaping

Help a friendAre you a vaper who still has friends who smoke? Despite watching you successfully make the switch from tobacco to ecigs, some of your friends or family members might still smoke. Maybe you’ve tried loaning them your ecig, or even bought them a kit of their own. Whatever you have tried to do hasn’t worked quite yet. Well, don’t give up. There is still hope that they can make the switch too! Here are some things you can do to help ease them into vaping. Continue reading

V4L’s ecig tips for new vapers

Are you new to the ecig world? Welcome! Here’s a list of our favorite tips for vapers that include everything from ecigarette batteries, to nicotine strength, and vapor flavors. We consider these key to making a successful switch!

Vape tip #1: Always carry an extra battery

You don’t want to be left without a charged ecig battery. It’s good to keep a spare in case yours dies. Or if you’re out and about and someone wants to try vaping you can lend them the spare for a minute. Continue reading

New rewards program for vapers!

New rewards programHave you heard about our brand new rewards program yet? We are super excited to introduce this snazzy new program to reward our loyal V4L family members. Now you can earn points for all kinds of stuff and use the points to buy more vape gear! Earn points for referring friends, celebrating your vaperversary, sharing on your favorite social media channels, and reviewing our ecig products! Read on for details…

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